We understand that

Fueling your body & nourishing baby can feel complicated.

Our goal is to ensure your feel your best in each phase of your motherhood journey.

Katie Salmon, MS, RDN


Hey, I’m Katie! My mission is to make your journey to motherhood less lonely, isolating, and overwhelming. I understand the complexities of your pregnancy struggles and am here to be your nutrition guide along the way.

Specialties: Preconception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Nutrition, Breastfeeding Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes, General Nutrition

Approach: Weight inclusive, non-diet, food-first approach

Accepted Insurances: Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, United Healthcare

More about Katie

At a very young age, I was diagnosed with many severe food allergies, leaving me with limited options to nourish my body. While food allergies may be different from pregnancy symptoms, I understand what it feels like to navigate dietary restrictions. I also know what it is like to feel completely lost when it comes to finding a strategy that will work for you specifically! Now with a little guy of my own, I have been in your shoes, and understand the unique challenges that come with pregnancy and postpartum life.

You may be asking what has led me to work specifically with women looking to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are in the postpartum stage. My love for helping women of reproductive age all started in college volunteering at a local WIC (Women’s Infant and Children) center. Celebrating and educating women on ways to support a healthy and thriving pregnancy was completely exhilarating. I especially loved the strong female community created at these centers through the peer-led breastfeeding support groups. But, most importantly, I enjoyed watching women connect and become in tune with their own bodies.

In a time where we are so attached to the “hustle”, technology, and beyond, helping women come back to their core being is what brings me the utmost joy every single day!

Together, we will take the stress out of nourishing your body and find what works for your individual needs! Let’s empower you to thrive, feel alive, and be present in every moment on the journey to motherhood and beyond!

As a Registered Dietitian, I have gone through many steps to create a strong foundation as a nutrition expert. From a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, supervised practice hours, to sitting for a national registration exam, it was not an easy feat getting to this point in my career. After a few years in the workforce, I decided to pursue a master’s degree to hone my craft further. This journey has been a wild one, but I would totally do it all over again in a heartbeat!


Registered Dietitian
Ashley Dimon, MS, RDN

Transitioning from collegiate athletics as a Sports Dietitian to my role as a Registered Dietitian at WIC, I’ve discovered immense fulfillment in guiding women towards healthy pregnancies, fostering an interest in breastfeeding, and currently completing certification as a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC).

Specialties: Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition, Breastfeeding Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes, Infant & Pediatric Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, General Nutrition

Approach: Food-first, HAES

Accepted Insurances: Aetna, BCBS

Registered Dietitian
Melissa Stump, MS, RDN

With over 10 years of experience, I have enjoyed making connections with clients and developed an appreciation for the fact that every person is unique. I will work with each individual to find the most effective and individualized approach for setting and achieving health and nutrition goals. Nutrition throughout the lifecycle is crucial, and perinatal nutrition is no exception. I want to provide the support needed during such an important time of your life.

Specialties: Gut Health, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Nutrition, Breastfeeding Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes, General Nutrition

Accepted Insurances: Aetna, BCBS

Registered dietitian
Rachel Kofsky, MA, RDN, CLC, CSP, LDN

Specialties: Pediatric Nutrition, Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Nutrition, Breastfeeding Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes, General Nutrition

Accepted Insurances: Aetna, BCBS

Let’s work together


“I was worried that it was going to be a lot of advice that didn’t fit with my life. The opposite happened for me. She made recommendations that work with my life with young kiddos and my on the go schedule.”
Client P
“I didn’t know what to expect and was hesitant about being put on an extreme dietary change all at once. Instead, she helped me to make small adjustments over time and optimize the food that I was eating to have all of my and the growing baby’s nutritional needs met.”
Client M
“I would definitely recommend Katie’s nutrition services to a friend. Eating well and feeling confident in your choices during pregnancy is such a game changer.”
Client A
“Katie was amazing at addressing my bowel regularity issues during pregnancy and alleviating my food-related anxieties. She provided valuable supplement recommendations, reviewed my labs, and offered reassurance on food safety and quality concerns, which I found incredibly helpful.”
Client R