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Whether you are a first time mom or a mother to many, we are here to help you navigate all your pregnancy symptoms and concerns so that you can show up as the vibrant present mama that you are as you embark on this new season in life!

Personalized Support

Receive one-on-one coaching with our New Jersey based dietitians to manage symptoms and nourish your body confidently.

Sound Familiar?

You are feeling at a loss of what to eat that won’t worsen your pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, constipation, fatigue, heartburn, and/or migraines.

You are paralyzed with overwhelm by the idea that you have to do this “pregnancy thing” perfectly and just don’t know what to eat anymore.

You are feeling anxious & guilty about any carbs you eat for fear of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM) because either you’ve had GDM in a previous pregnancy or feel that you may have a few risk factors for GDM.

Your provider told you your iron levels are looking low (like iron deficiency anemia) and the only treatment option you were given was a constipating ferrous sulfate supplement that you know you won’t take.

If you’ve found yourself thinking or saying one of these things, we want your to know that you are not alone — and it doesn’t have to be this way!

Our Prenatal Nutrition Services

Plan & Prep Fertility

It’s never too soon to start prepping your body (and your partner) for pregnancy. I will guide you on ways to incorporate fertility boosting foods to support that positive pregnancy test.

Build & Thrive Pregnancy

Whether you are at a loss of what to eat, concerned about gestational diabetes, we will focus on ways to eat real foods for pregnancy!

Recharge & Renew Postpartum

The fourth trimester can be the most amazing time of the newborn phase. Let’s make sure your are well nourished to support healing and breastfeeding.

Meet the Founder of The Pregnancy RD

Pregnancy is overwhelming on its own, so why add more confusion and conflicting information when it comes to knowing how to nourish your body (and baby) during pregnancy?

That is why I have made it my mission to provide you with affordable and accessible prenatal nutrition care so that you can meet your nutritional needs, reduce pregnancy symptoms, and confidently nourish your body through pregnancy and beyond.

Meet The team

We look forward to supporting you.

Melissa Stump, MS, RDN

Prenatal Registered Dietitian

Ashley Dimon, MS, RDN

Prenatal Registered Dietitian

Anonymous pregnant woman video chatting on smartphone in room
Rachel Kofsky, MA, RDN, CLC, CSP, LDN

Prenatal Registered Dietitian & Certified Lactation Counselor

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